• Burn fat and boost metabolism
  • Increase energy and mood naturally
  • Control appetite and decrease water retention

Ingredients: Iron Goddess oolong tea

Size: 100g




Why we love this tea

  • Studies show that 2 to 3 cups of oolong tea enhances caloric expenditure and fat burning over 24 hours
  • Provides a perfect energy boost without the nasty jitters you get from drinking coffee
  • Has the most mesmerizing floral aroma and delicate taste
  • Leaves can be used at least 2 times and most customers use them 3 to 4 times

This is our most popular tea because not only does it taste fantastic but the more of it that you drink – the more calories and fat you will burn! If you are trying to lose weight, a cup of this tea can ease hunger and boost your mood as well. For best results, drink at least 3 cups per day. Caffeine before exercise can increase fat burning so have a strong cup of this tea before a workout.


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