Doctor’s Best Magnesium


One of the top ranked magnesium supplements according to which tests for purity, quality and value.



Serving size: 2 tablets

Servings per container: 60 (120 tablets)

Serving: 200 mg magnesium (elemental) glycinate/lysinate chelate

Magnesium has so many benefits for women, including helping with stress, mood, energy, headaches, PMS and better periods. That’s why it is the supplement I recommend the most often for my clients.

It’s hard to get enough magnesium from diet alone – even if you were able to eat the most perfect diet. Unfortunately, many of our foods lack magnesium because the soil in which they are grown has been depleted and drained of nutrients from over-farming. Also, widely used herbicides act as chelators, which means they block the uptake and use of minerals like magnesium.

Sometimes we can have problems absorbing magnesium, especially as we get older, so topping up with supplements can help.

As with all supplements the quality and form matters. Many cheaper products will use magnesium oxide which has been shown to not be absorbed as well by your body. Doctor’s Best Magnesium contains magnesium glycinate/lysinate chelate that is better absorbed by your body.

The Doctor’s Best Magnesium is one of the top rated magnesium supplements according to which ranks supplements based on purity, quality and value.

Doctors Best Magnesium Ranking

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