• De-stress and soothe your adrenal glands
  • Support digestion
  • Calm cravings

Ingredients: Organic liquorice root, organic spearmint

Size: 100g



Why we love this tea

  • Contains liquorice which is a tonic for your adrenals and helps combat the effects of stress on your body
  • Is naturally sweet and can be used when you have cravings
  • The addition of spearmint along with the liquorice supports digestive health

This caffeine-free herbal tea blend is a wonderfully sweet way to nourish your body. Liquorice relieves exhausted adrenals and provides a natural energy boost (but is safe to use in the evening). One of the main reasons our customers like this tea is that they can use it when those sugar cravings come on. Organic spearmint not only makes this tea taste lovely but helps with better digestion.

Note: Liquorice may not be suitable during pregnancy, breastfeeding or for those with high blood pressure.


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