Mark Twain once said “The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want.”

While he said some great things, this is one that I completely disagree with. These protein balls can be good for you and they are a delicious treat incorporating foods that you love – including chocolate and peanut butter!  So if you are one of those people who suffer from feeling “deprived” of your favorite foods when you are trying to lose weight, you need to give these a go.

Protein balls are the perfect snack because you can tailor them to your needs for the day. If you need more energy, use more carb ingredients like oat bran and even add some chopped dried fruit (ie. I like chopped figs or apricots). If you are trying to lose weight and just need a snack to get you by, use more fats like coconut oil and peanut butter and then add some chocolate – I almost always use cocoa powder and cocoa nibs in mine.

You can take them anywhere – in a purse, gym bag or carry on if you are traveling. You can make large batches and eat them over a week or you can make a single batch if you only need one serve. And your kids can eat them too!

Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Treat this is a guide to making your own recipe. Tailor it to suit your own needs and tastes just don’t go overboard on the maple syrup if you are watching your weight.

If you follow the recipe, it makes 4 serves, approximately 250 calories per serve. Calories will vary depending on what else you add!


60g plain protein powder

2 tbsp raw cacao powder

1/2 cup oat bran

60g smooth organic peanut butter

2 tbsp maple syrup


Mix all the ingredients together and roll into balls.

It might take a few tries to get these to come out right. If the mixture is too dry to roll, try adding a bit of coconut milk or water but not too much because I find it tends to make them gummy.


Commonly asked questions:

Isn’t maple syrup a sugar and bad for me?

Yes, maple syrup is a source of sugar and so you really want to use as little as possible. It is my preferred sweetener because it’s 100% natural with nothing else added (as long as the only ingredient on the bottle is “pure maple syrup”) and is actually associated with some health benefits, including being a source of antioxidants. Plus it just tastes darn good compared to a lot of other sweeteners.


How do I enter these into MyFitnessPal?

Say, for example, you make the recipe and you divide the balls up into 2 servings. Simply 1/2 the ingredients and enter them into MyFitnessPal. A little useful tip is to save the ingredients as a meal once you’ve got them all entered (or enter them as a Recipe). The next time you eat them, you’ll be able to enter your protein balls with one step instead of entering in each individual ingredient.

If you come up with any good recipes please share ideas of your own below!


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