Personal training, nutrition, hormone balance and mind-set for women.

What To Expect


  • Training in my own studio at home so no one watches you.
  • A trainer who specialises in female fitness and nutrition and really understands the goals and needs of women clients.
  • ‘Smart exercise’ where you are challenged and energized but at all times working to how you are feeling that day.
  • Exercise based on your goals, hormonal profile and mind-frame. There’s no cookie cutter approach and you’ll never get the same workout twice!
  • Quick, effective and affordable 30 minute training sessions.

Why A Female Focus


I’ve seen too many women discouraged about training with male personal trainers who just don’t take the time to truly understand the different needs of female clients. Unfortunately, most female personal trainers have also not put in the research and effort to understand the female body and mind.

When you train with me, you will enjoy working with a personal trainer who specialises in exercise and nutrition for females, but also the unique physiological and psychological needs of females.

You can also check out my blog dedicated to training and nutrition for women here:

Did you know I also offer online training?

Want the support of a personal trainer but can’t afford the time or don’t have the budget? My online coaching program is very popular. You start with an 8 week program but most women renew and stay with me for multiple programs. Some have even been training with me for years now!

Here’s what’s included:

  • An 8 week program with Home and Gym versions available
  • Detailed videos and instructions for every exercise
  • A free phone app (or access it on an iPad or computer)
  • All the support you need to stay on track
  • Optional email check ins every week
  • Myfitnesspal and Fitbit integration
  • Lifetime access to my online coaching group with exclusive content and advice from me
  • And so much more!
Learn More Here

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