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I promise to make good nutrition, weight loss and being healthier easier for you.

Fat loss, plateaus and slow metabolism

Hormone balance, PMS, fertility and conditions like endometriosis and PCOS

Simplifying nutrition and supplementation

Knowing how much to eat and when to eat

Cravings and overeating

What To Expect From Your Nutrition Session


When you come in for your nutrition session you can expect to talk about hormone balance, training, aging, lifestyle and budget because I take a holistic approach to nutrition. I won’t give you any specific diet or plan to follow because these approaches never work in the long run. Instead we are going to simplify things for you and help you figure out what works best for your goals and lifestyle. 

Many women come to me asking for a “meal plan” so we can create one together during your session using foods that suit your tastes, budget and hormonal situation – but I won’t give you a generic meal plan. We have to come up with something that is do-able for you because you won’t follow a generic plan for very long.

My qualifications are different than most nutritionists and dieticians, while they are generally trained in all things nutrition – I have the same foundation but my qualification is specific to sport and exercise, fat loss and body composition. I also have a background in motivational psychology which is a big help in supporting clients to make and stick to changes. On top of that I’ve spent years research women’s health and nutrition.

For best results, I recommend my online nutrition coaching program because it brings in the accountability and support you need to succeed making long term changes to your diet.

Other options include:

First Time Nutrition Assessment Or Hormone Assessment (45 minutes, $65)

Tune Up (for regular clients or women who are switched on when it comes to nutrition but just need a quick check up or adjustment, 30 minutes $40).

We can meet in person or we can use Skype, Facetime or Messenger calling.


8 Week Nutrition Coaching

Sticking to a meal plan can be tough so I’ve created an option where we work together for 8 weeks using one of the most popular food and nutrition tracking apps along with weekly personal coaching by email. This bring in accountability and support which is usually missing from most nutrition programs.

My clients are getting awesome results from this program and you can too! You don’t have to be located in Palmerston North to do this program and you can start anytime.

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Client Success Stories

“The last 8 weeks have been great. I’ve lost a total of 3.6kg and will continue to lose I am sure.  I will definitely be continuing with the tracking of my food as I believe this really is the only way to take responsibility for what I am eating.

I’m really happy with my weight loss so far and feel much happier with myself!”


“I have learned so much about myself and healthy eating since doing the nutrition program with Revive. I understand how to make my diet work for me and for the first time in years I have a cholesterol level below 5 – in fact I now have an excellent lipid profile!!

Thanks Mel your coaching and the resources you gave us really made a difference.”


“Lost a total of 2.9kg! Feeling good. I am in a good routine. I’m not feeling hungry and no longer searching out all the sweet treats I used to. I think of each of my meals like a bubble so if things go off track it’s for one meal now not writing off an entire day.

Overall it has created some good habits. Thanks for your help!”


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